Weather here doesn't feel like spring

Weather here doesn't feel like spring

Fri, 06 Apr 2018

By Alyssa Schrull

The first day of spring was March 20, but if you look out your window, you will find that it doesn't appear so yet. But don't be discouraged! Things will start to look up soon. We have already started to feel the effect of longer hours of sunlight. We will soon be able to welcome the warm embrace of the sun on our skin and be able to say good bye to seasonal depression.

The speed shuffle you do from Prentice to Lyngstad will soon start to be a little less awful. You will begin to appreciate the luxury of not having frozen rain stab daggers through your face, or doing a high-knee drill through four feet of snow. Your walk to class will soon be in a quarter zip and a pair of sandals (with no socks!).

Do you need to go to the store to pick up some ramen and energy drinks? Well, you'll no longer need to warm up your car forty-five minutes ahead of time. You won't even have to feel as if you did the ice bucket challenge when you scrape your windows, or dig your car out of the parking lot like an avalanche came through.

With a new-found freedom on the road you can expect fun new opportunities, like having the ability to go fishing and camping! Oh yes, that's right, life will now begin to return to our neck of the artic wasteland. Birds will once again begin to sing. Unfortunately, they'll probably be singing "Look What You Made Me Do" by Taylor Swift. I heard it's off the charts.