Running of the Pink celebrates 10th Annual

Running of the Pink celebrates 10th Annual

Thu, 01 Jan 1970

By Shayla King, Junior Editor 

When biking and running are hard to find where you are at, what do you do? You make a plan and get something started. That is just what Casey Stoudt, Owner; Doug Klaudt,general manger; and Jason Holstad, sales and finances of R.M. Stoudt did. They found a need within the Jamestown community, thus Running the Pink was born.

What started out as a one-year event soon grew into an event that is now in its 10 year and it’s still going strong. This year Stoudt, Klaudt and Holstad hope to make this an even bigger event.

I was able to sit down with Tara Kapp, Business Development Center Coordinator at R.M. Stoudt. Ms. Kapp has been involved with Running of the Pink for five years now and shared more about the event, what happens to all the funds, and where you can sign up and join either a 10K Run, 5K Run or a 5K walk. 

Running of the Pink is a run/walk marathon that will take place here in the Jamestown community. The event takes place here in town, on June 3rd at 9:00 a.m. starting at R.M. Stoudt.

Running of the Pink has been able to raise over $80,000 dollars in total, of this $80,000 all of it goes back into the community, R.M. Stoudt doesn’t keep a dime. Running of the Pink is partnered with the No Excuses Program. No Excuses is a program that aims in helping to give people breast cancer screenings no matter what the reason.

“If you don’t have insurance doesn’t matter, if you have insurance but it doesn’t cover everything, doesn’t matter, if you have insurance and it covers everything but you can’t get here, it doesn’t matter, the hospital will say there are no excuses, we are here to help you, that is what this is going for,” Ms. Kapp on what the No Excuses program cares about.

Getting a proper screening is important for both men and woman, getting in there with a 3D mammogram will make all the difference. 3D mammography is newer but North Dakota has it. 3D helps to get better and more precise help to detecting cancer cells than a normal 2D. Running of the Pink and No Excuses help in getting individuals that early detection because it is that important and a need.

Running of the Pink may be Pink for Breast Cancer but the event is so much more than that, Ms. Kapp says, “It does not matter your physical anything, it does not matter what kind of physical shape you’re in, it does not matter your age, it doesn’t matter whether you even own a pair of running shoes, this is tailor made for families and it’s tailor made for everyone.”

Running of the Pink wants everyone there to be out in Pink, out in the sun and helping in the cause that is No excuses. 

If you would like any more information, please visit for registration/general information. Running of the Pink also has its own Facebook page. Look up Running of the Pink, like and join the Running of the Pink family.

Early Bird special until May 20th, sign-up for adults is $20, youth/seniors are $15. Online has a small fee too but that covers the cost of using the online registration. Every cent goes to the event and stays local and you get a pink t-shirt. 

June 3rd at 9:00 a.m. is the event day, a week prior R.M. Stoudt will have pre-registration at the dealership; registration can also be mailed in.

Ms. Kapp ended with saying “If anyone would like to say an extra pray or send in a ‘hey mother nature can we have good weather’.”

Running of the Pink hopes to see you there.