Photo Essay - Student Life

Photo Essay - Student Life

Sat, 01 Apr 2017

Photo essay by Morgan Borland 

Photo Journalism with Professor Mary Weber

The University of Jamestown is known for its excellence and success in the past. Founded in 1883, the university is a private, liberal art school. The university of Jamestown offers a variety of majors and minors you can choose from. They also offer many sports teams within the college. I would say that there are a good even amount between students and student athletes. UJ is a very competitive and successful university. Many have come on campus visits to get that first hands on experience and many did not. I wanted to offer a realistic college experience to show the community and many other places what the student life is like. This is a very crucial because it allows students and future students to be able to determine where their next chapter will end up. I wanted to provide a student/ student athlete day to day basis. Saying this it’s impossible to tell you everyone schedule and how they run their daily routine but this will give you a general feel of the student life atmosphere. An important key element I wanted to do differently is not share stage photos. Stage photos can be very miss leading and untruthful. I wanted to share a realistic version and take photos of people doing their daily routine without being bothered. Doing this procedure will allow many to fully appreciate the gratitude of the atmosphere at the University of Jamestown. 

Starting off the morning many students either have class or don’t. But there are students who work for the university. As early as five o’clock in the morning, students will wake up and go to their work study jobs. From making outstanding beverages at the Java Hut to filing folders and greeting students in admissions, UJ offers a wide range of work study jobs. This allows students to help pay off their bills and can head to class directly without being off campus. 

Many of the students at UJ are athletes. The university is known to have several competitive sports teams. Many student’s athlete as well wake up early in the morning to go workout or practice with their team. The sports are schedule with specific times that allows students to corporate with the classes. After several hard minutes of working hard, athletes will go to the trainer’s room to get their body treatment. Not every athlete can dodge an injury, so they will also go to the trainer’s room to get their rehab to come back stronger and safe.

The Café is where a lot of people come to meet and eat. It is open from seven fifteen a.m. to usually seven thirty p.m. Many students come and go throughout the time that it is open.  It seems like the most time it gets buys is during lunch hours. This school offers a meal plan that will fit your needs. A lot of the athletes will get the unlimited meal plan because they must maintain weight from the activities that is being done with their sport. The café is a sociable place for people to come together and grab a bite to eat.

The most important part of a student day to day routine is attending class. That’s why us students are here to get a degree. The university offers a wide range of majors and minors to fulfill the students interest. Depending on your classes, you might have as little as five students to roughly twenty-five students. Taking your generals is when you usually have bigger classes. Taking your major classes is when you see the same students who have the same interest as you and that’s when the class really shows its size in numbers. Now setting up yor classes can be a bit terrifying because you’re not too sure what to take but thankfully your advisor can really help you out. Even if you are a student athlete, your coaches will work around your schedule so that it can fit the needs of the program. That also goes for when you are working on campus, you can set the time that will suite you best. The education given at this university is beyond greatness.

There are many spots at the University of Jamestown to hang out with your friends and meet new people. The most famous spot is at the Lyngstad lounge. This is well known spot because it drives the most traffic of students passing through to get to where ever they need to go. Lyngstad lounge has many couches and tables for students to sit around with friends or do some homework. The lounge is big enough to have roughly forty students to hang around at. What makes Lyngstad that much more of a popular spot is within it is a Java Hut. Many students can purchase a quick snack or beverage without going to the café. This allows the conversations going and even give a caffeine boost to those who are doing some sort of school work.

Lastly there are many places as well to do your homework or study in peace and quiet. Throughput all the buildings on campus there is some sort of study room or little lounges to sit down and get to work. From my personal experience, I have seen a lot of people at the library. The library is a second story floor with some small lounges, study rooms on the second floor, computers to work at. The library is quiet and allows you to focus directly on your school work. Usually this is the case that students have to go out of the room to someplace else so they won’t get distracted or tempted to go to sleep since the bed is right there. But that’s not entirely true. Students prefer to be in their room and listen to music or have the tv in the background. It really all depends on the student preferences to how they stay focus on their school work.

The University of Jamestown is an exciting place to begin a great college journey. From the sports to the classes, UJ exceeds beyond great expectations. The professors and staff are helpful and caring. Meeting new people on campus easy. There are many spots to sit down and communicate with friends and do homework. The university of Jamestown is a great place to be at.