Photo essay - Punti Cana

Photo essay - Punti Cana

Mon, 01 May 2017

Phot Essay by Brady Steffes

Photo Journalism with Mary Weber 

My name is Brady Steffes, and over the first week of April my family and I went to Punti Cana in the Dominican Republic. We also went with two other families that are good family friends. Out of all the trips that I have been on, which is five, this one was by far the most fun. There were so many interesting and new things that I saw down there. The resort we stayed in was called Ocean Blue and Sand. I wish I could show you more of the resort in my essay because it was huge, but you will get to see the main part of it, and how it had a town like feel to it. As you go through my photo essay you will see the huge lobby that they had. You will also be able to see parts of pictures that will show you how beautiful if was there. As you look through my photo essay you will also see the wonderful western looking style restaurants that they had there. The restaurants served a variety of foods such as steak, pasta, burgers, and Mexican. All of the restaurants that you will see in the photo essay were restaurants that I was able to eat at. Although I would have loved to show you much more in my photo essay, I hope with the little bit that I was able to show you made you realize how wonderful and cool of a place the Dominican Republic really is.


1 This is the entrance to the Ocean Blue and Sand Resort at Puti Cana in the Dominican Republic

2 This is the lobby at Ocean Blue and Sand where you could just hang out or go up to the bar for some drinks

3 As you left the lobby to get to the resort you had to walk across this bridge that was surrounded by an amazing pond.

4 After crossing the bridge you got a beautiful view of the lobby area.

5 This restaurant was the steakhouse where you could get all the meat you wanted

6 The Mascherati was an Italian restaurant where they served a variety of pastas

7 At the Route 66 you were able to get almost anything, such as burgers, chicken strips, hot dogs, and more!

8 The sports bar offered a little selection of food, but a huge selection of drinks!

9 At the Margarita, you didn’t only enjoy their Mexican food, but also the musicians that played around your table as you ate.

10 After you were done eating a wonderful meal, you could go to Strike and bowl a few rounds.