Phot0 Essay - Italy

Phot0 Essay - Italy

Sat, 01 Apr 2017

Photo essay by Alexis Young

Photo Journalism with Professor Mary Weber

In the fall of 2016, the University of Jamestown leased an apartment building in Cagli, Italy. Their hope, to start a new study abroad program for their students to attend later that May and in the years to come. Over spring break, the university sent three professors and three students, along with the Dean of Academics, to finishing the planning for this new study abroad program. The lucky students included senior Tyler Schwartz, junior Emma Thompson and sophomore Alexis Young. These three accompanied the three professors that will return in May to teach the classes; Dr. Piscitiello, Dr. Reed and Professor Lefter. 

The group spent a week in Italy exploring the town, getting to know the people and preparing the program for future students. While there, the group of students oversaw the task of finding activities in Cagli that future students would enjoy doing in their free time. This events comprised of hiking the nearby mountains, swimming in the river, touring the historical sites of the town and shopping at the local market. The town is home to 18 churches, 9,000 people, a single river and one defense tower. Cagli’s history goes back to the 13th century and this history can be seen all over the town. Whether in the churches, defense tower or other buildings and roads that have been maintained throughout the years, the town is flooding with historical monuments. 

The new study abroad program will be open to Jamestown students as soon as this May. The program will offer seven upper level credits that will go towards the global perspective requirement. It will be three weeks long and will allowing students to take their learning experience to the next level. This program is permitting Jamestown students the chance to take their classroom worldwide.