Kroeze Hall houses UJ freshman students:

Kroeze Hall houses UJ freshman students:

Fri, 06 Apr 2018

By Haley Gallagher

Kroeze Hall is the freshman dorm on the University of Jamestown campus where a great deal of the student population has spent time in but few know much about. This residence hall is located next to the Raugust Library and features a unique architectural style in which its four halls frame a beautiful and spacious courtyard.

There are two floors and a basement to this building which hold a large laundry room, a full kitchen, a large recreational lounge and multiple miniature lounges. The two upper floors of Kroeze Hall provide housing for a maximum of 189 students per floor given that each room houses two students with males on the first floor and females on the second. This building is broken up into four different halls per floor. Each hall has two lounge areas – one with chairs and foot rests and the other with either two computers, a printer and a table or just a table.

The large recreational lounge that this residence hall boasts includes plenty of activities to keep students entertained and busy. This room features a wall of full-length windows facing the library and a wall of smaller windows facing the courtyard. This room has modern living room couches and chairs throughout as well as some wooden chairs and tables. The main attractions that this room holds are its grand piano, flat-screen TV and pool table in which students can use at any time of the day or night.
Kroeze Hall was built in 1957 and named after Barend H. Kroeze, who was the university’s president between 1909 and 1946. Since this time, the residence hall has undergone multiple upgrades such as its 2014 installment of new bathrooms for every hall on both of the two floors, laundry room relocation, air conditioning and new sprinklers and windows.

Like many university buildings around the country, there is legend that Kroeze Hall is haunted. According to an article in titled “North Dakota Paranormal and Ghostly Tales” as well as multiple other online sources which correspond to campus rumors, the haunting is done by a student that committed suicide in room D15. There are rumors of strange ticking noises in the building from time to time, electronics turning on or off for seemingly no reason, and multiple accounts of items being moved and/or broken unexplainably.

Whether the haunting of Kroeze Hall is reality or simply a student-made myth conjured to scare the freshmen, this building is an excellent addition to the UJ’s campus. Love it or hate it, students who live here will continue to make lasting memories within this building’s history-packed walls.