It's All About Character - Fall 2016 Freshman Character in Leadership Retreat

It's All About Character - Fall 2016 Freshman Character in Leadership Retreat

Fri, 16 Sep 2016

By  Liz Hunt, Director, Character in Leadership Program

Special to The Collegian

Each fall the entering Character in Leadership class boards a people mover and a van and heads northeast of campus to Wesley Acres Camp for a day and half leadership and teambuilding retreat, and this year was no different. The morning they arrived students were put to the test engaging in logic and team building exercises that encouraged them to think outside the box and challenged the competitive winner takes all mentality. Through frustration, confusion, a bit of grumbling, and lots of laughter, students learned to look at seemingly average and benign scenarios in a new way. 

Following a hearty lunch, the group trekked across the river and through the woods to the high ropes course. Students challenged themselves and their peers, and supported each other as each individual had a chance and opportunity to climb a telephone pole 30 feet in the air and walk across wires and logs trusting their fellow classmates to help the trusty belayer keep them safe and aloft. The afternoon was filled with the steady and measured calls for action, "Spotters ready? Belay on? Climb? Climb away!" Classmates on the ground chanted, cheered, and serenaded with renditions of "Living on a Prayer", "Let it Go", and many others. Upper class guides, Teagan Skunberg and Kyle Glander showed everyone the ropes, reminisced with students about their experiences in leadership, and engaged students in a mind-bloggling plane crash scenario following an evening meal. The long day ended with a campfire and socializing. After a night of rest, students engaged in an interesting and thought-provoking discussion about leadership with University of Jamestown Professor Dr. Brian Lang and enjoyed the traditional CIL retreat breakfast (it’s a long standing CIL tradition and secret!). 

University of Jamestown community and the Character in Leadership program welcomes the Class of 2020 Leadership Cohort!!