An open letter to freshmen

Sat, 07 Oct 2017

By the University of Jamestown art department

Congratulations on being accepted to the University of Jamestown.

The campus is beautiful and so is your future once you have your degree in hand. If art is part of your career, here are some things to look forward to doing while studying here.

We offer a full prerequisite curriculum to enter graduate schools of art. If you know the field of study by your sophomore year, your portfolio will be ready to prove your capabilities in order to be accepted to a graduate school. If that’s not in your future but a business career is, then you will be ready for that as well.

UJ offers computer graphic design that covers business, marketing and applied art in a number of areas using state-of-the-art technology.

UJ has two divisions of studio art – fine and applied/commercial. Art history complements other majors, whether in art, business, therapy, history, education or journalism. With our individually designed major, either studio art or art history can be used to fulfill art specific curriculum within a large number of specific majors.

We have an all-students art exhibit each semester that allows any art major the opportunity to complete requirements for group shows/critiques/sales during the next four years. Your senior thesis exhibit allows at least one individual exiting exhibit. Some graduate programs require an exhibition record during undergraduate years. Additional exhibits are available as your portfolio expands.

You will be given an opportunity to have your work in the university’s Plainsong magazine – an art-based publication printed each spring.

You have an opportunity to do editorial cartoons, photography or even comic strips for the UJ newspaper, The Collegian.

Internships with art-related businesses are available, as are scholarships for qualifying students.

There are two honor awards given annually each spring. One is the Outstanding Student in Art, which is given to an art major maintaining a 3.8 GPA in art and at least a 3.2 overall GPA. The recipient receives a plaque and a cash award.

The Barbara McClintock Award is new as of 2016. It is given by JoAnn and Helmut Albrecht, the parents of children’s books author Barbara McClintock each year. The student must be in art as well as English/journalism. This monetary award seeks to recognize writing/illustration potential in UJ students.

UJ has produced architects, advertising executives, business owners, college art professors, high school, middle and elementary art teachers, photographers, writers and book illustrators, fashion designers, film producers and actors, comic book illustrators, TV news people, set designers, muralists, sign painters, fine artists and too many successful entrepreneurs to name here. They all took full loads, had double majors and followed their dream art career to see it become what they dreamed it would be.

UJ’s liberal arts education will prepare you for a career following graduation or to be the best educated person in your peer group. Remember “Your Success is our Tradition.” We have 134 years of students making the world a better place. We’re happy you are a part of that history.