A getaway from college: Food for your soul and belly in Cleveland, N.D.

A getaway from college: Food for your soul and belly in Cleveland, N.D.

Fri, 02 Mar 2018

By Tam Nguyen

College life from a small town is very different from a big city. Do you disagree? Maybe it’s just me, but it should be fair to use me as a judge in this case.

Not growing up from the United States but Viet Nam, I came here for college. I’ve been living in Jamestown for roughly four years and came home once. Four years is maybe not enough for a person to say anything about a place, but it’s enough for he or she to be bounded with it and knows exactly what he or she wants to say about the place.

Imagine a town that can make some good photos when you get out a camera and shoot. There’s barely trash around. There are buildings, enough buildings, but there is also land –flat ones. You’ll see them, every 30 minutes when driving out of a town. Every year, the town is blessed by nature with a long-lasting winter, which means Christmas feels more like Christmas here. Hot chocolate every day, who doesn’t like it, right? Guess what? If the town is blessed with a lot of “love” from nature this winter, you can even have “shaved ice.” The town is soon coated with layers and layers of snow, eventually white is all you can see. The snowbanks can be taller than a building, but I’ve heard that the warm-hearted local people always melt it down.

So, winter or no winter, warm or not warm, but what is really a student’s plan for the weekend? What is a student’s plan for Friday and the weekend? Thursday college night? What’s poppin’ on Wednesday? Tuesday night, a 19-year-old female college student was sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. Some college students already get lit on Wednesday; sometimes there’s no day because it’s every day. Thursday, students start to warm up. Friday, pre-game. Saturday is a special day. We turn up! Sunday, still try to go back to Saturday. Does this sound familiar to you? Students usually decide to get away on the weekend, leave out a portion of their time per week, besides school, to rest and have fun so their brains won’t be overloaded or exploded.

Why I said Saturday is a special day because on that day we like to get together. Usually, people get together in public places, at their homes or sometimes in their cars. Everything opens a little bit later in town, and lights from the dorm rooms are still on past midnight. The town gets a bit busier, and we actually get some traffic. There are possibly two common types of leisure for college students. To others who must work or study all weekend, I’m very sorry to hear that, but it’s your life so live it how you decide it.

Groups of social people tend to leave their nests and go out more on the weekend. You probably don’t see them much in class but sometimes you may have a chance to get ahold of them for a while at some parties. These groups tend to choose booze as a friend, and they go to parties, meeting new people, snap-chatting, dancing and singing, hugging each other, drinking, more snap-chatting, screaming, running, and ruining public properties along their ways.

Groups of anti-social people tend to stay home. They are either chilling by themselves or with a company or a group of friends. They have their own “party” – calmer, fewer people but more private. They like to spend time on themselves and respect their personal privacy as well as others. Sometimes, movies and ice creams to call off a night, and sometimes drugs are related. If you went to college, you probably know what I’m talking about. Everyone must have had experienced some kinds of “fun” like this during their college life.

However, does it sound unusual to you if I say my weekend is just basically church-involved? Who goes to church on the weekend? And who goes to church on Saturday anyway?

People going to Cleveland’s (N.D.) are in and out the church for almost the whole day, Saturday, every weekend. Cleveland Seventh-day Adventist Church not only feeds your soul, but also your belly. Very often we have a potluck after church services when people bring their homemade food to church to share. We are always stuffed with good food.

Where is it and what is it? Cleveland Seventh-day Adventist is located not so far from Jamestown. And no, it’s not Cleveland in Ohio, nor Jamestown in New York that I’m talking about. It’s the real Jamestown in North Dakota and Cleveland is roughly a 30-minutes drive away. The address of the church is 321 5th St. N Cleveland, N.D. 58424.

There are so many reasons why you should come and check out the church for yourself, but I’m not trying to convince you here because if you're not interested then nothing matters and I’ll just be wasting my time, but I’ll tell you this: “Whatever feeds your soul…Do that.” This article is not used for a persuasive purpose, but rather an informative speech or a friendly suggestion, so hear me out.

I’ve heard many people say something like this: “Screw it, life is short. YOLO. I’m just having fun. I’m in college, it is OK to have fun.” To me, that’s not true. What’s the point of all of those funs when school ends? Is it worth it to stay up so late at night partying, and wake up in the morning with the worst headache, hungover or dehydration? You probably feel like you were going to die. However, the point here is not just about college; it’s a lifestyle. That’s the whole purpose of college, not to realize what kinds of fun that you can have or do here, but to realize what is more important for you in life. Many people don’t realize it until later. Life is truly short, and that is why every moment matters and time should be used with love and wisely. Ask yourself: What or who is worth your time? You don’t need to waste your time on things that don’t benefit you and in the end or damage your life with all of the smoking, drinking, consuming bad food, or surrounding yourself with people with negative vibes either.

What young people are taking in and the values, morals, and the hearings are having an impact on what’s going on in our cultures. Weekends used to be just rest days or family days; now they have turned into “fun” days. Some people believe that you’ll die eventually and you’ll die whenever you die for whatever reason that you sometimes don’t have the control over, but I believe in the opposite. I believe there are secrets to life, and that we are able to control our lives (in some aspect) if we want to. However, to be able to do that you need to know and be willing to change if it’s necessary. Be open-minded and do more readings. Invest in yourself to become a better you. After all, it’s your own body to take care of anyways.

Why should you be interested in this? There are many claims in the media as to what population is the longest-lived. Most people still think Japanese individuals hold the record. However, based on the results of the Adventist Health Study, Californian Seventh-day Adventists live even longer. Previous research has indicated that heredity does play a role in longevity. More specifically, about 30 percent of longevity is genetic. That means more than two-thirds of longevity is choice. However, the question here is what everyday choices are important when it comes to living longer? What Seventh-Day Adventists get right that lengthens their life expectancy? At Cleveland’s, we share secrets for a long and healthy life, mentally, spiritually and physically.

According to Ryan Buxton’s text, it states, statistics have shown that religion makes people happier, and it can help you live longer, too. A researcher named Dan Buettner has spent years researching the parts of the world where people live much longer than average. Most of those locations are outside the United States — including Sardinia, Italy, and Okinawa, Japan — but there is one long-living group stateside. It’s the Seventh-day Adventists, who live an average of 10 years longer than the American life expectancy of about 79 years. Buettner explains that this has to do with eating a plant-based diet and having “a social network that reinforces the right behavior. Their religious beliefs are also a big help. He continues that, “Seventh-day Adventists take this idea of Sabbath very seriously, so they’re decompressing the stress. About 84 percent of health care dollars are spent because of bad food choices, inactivity, and unmanaged stress, and they have these cultural ways of managing stress through their Sabbath.”

If one day you woke up on a Saturday morning, hungry or hungover, and you don’t feel like eating food from the café, then hop in your car for a short drive to Cleveland Seventh-day Adventist church for lunch. Of course, I’m not saying that you should go to church because of the food. However, it’s a good start; especially for someone like me who just loves to eat. I’m sure you’re going to love it more if you are a vegetarian or a vegan. So, food is good, rides are provided, and the people are welcoming, then what are waiting for? Why don’t you take a trip to church on Saturday? Why not?